Writing research interests statement

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Sound fresh. Be Concise Unless a specific word count is mentioned in the application, the statement of purpose should not be longer than one to two pages.

If there are special requirements for the program, such as foreign language proficiency or prerequisite courses, you should explain how you fulfilled them in your statement of purpose.

Send it as well to one or more friends and colleagues to get suggestions. How will the degree help you? Main paragraph: this is the core of your statement together with the future research.

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It gives a context for your research interests—Why does your research matter? In the first case, write about additional technical skills you are planning to learn or how you want to broaden your knowledge in a certain field.

It can be hard to spot errors on the screen, so print out your statement and read it over. This section should be really exciting to people both in and outside your field. Explain Your Interests Your research interests should be a major part of your statement of purpose.

Everyone knows that you will work on more than what you mention in this statement.

research interests statement sample

Include preliminary results and how to build on results.

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8 Tips for Writing a Statement of Purpose