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top 100 amusement parks in the us

The term amusement park covers a lot of turf. For those who don't seek major adrenaline rushes, there are more than 30 attractions for families and kids including Camp Snoopy, Kiddie Kingdom and Planet Snoopy.

best roller coaster parks in the us

What's new: InvadR, a Viking-themed wooden roller coaster, features nine air-time hills and a 74 foot plunge that reaches speeds of nearly 50 mph. Each location features more than rides, shows and entertainment options for families and those seeking to test their vocal chords.

What's new: At the park's San Diego location, families will have the opportunity to travel under the sea without having to take scuba lessons at the new Ocean Explorer area.

Finally while there are fewer rides than the bigger boys, the ones they have are fun and seem to be well- maintained.

Top 100 amusement parks in the us

What's new: Universal recently launched two new experiences for families. Tons and tons of food, from despicable to delicious… and we love every bite. Sitting on over beautiful acres of land in sunny California this Six Flags is definitely one you should visit if you like the fury of a roller coaster. Cedar Point is no stranger to world-records and its latest coaster, Valravn is the fastest dive coaster on the planet. The big question- which are the best Amusement Parks in the country this year? There are plenty of rides for all ages which is great for families and the rides are very good. Expect two additional acres of fun and three new attractions including Lakeside Landing, an area just for children! Parques Reunidos The company is currently owned by European private equity firm Candover Investments. Located in the heartland of America, Silver Dollar City is a place where families and friends can gather for fun and frolic. Another newbie is Digger Derby, a racetrack where kids can ride mini vehicles. Thomas Land features its own eleven rides, including Bertie's Bus Tours and Harold's Lift-Off, where little ones can pilot their own mini-helicopter. While Disney certainly has the larger attendance, most people would agree that Islands of Adventure is a bit more edgy and delivers a bit better value. Notes: 1.

It includes a flight on the back of a mountain banshee, a ride through the Na'vi River and hiking in the valley of Mo'ara. What's new: Merlin's Mayhem roller coaster is the site's first suspended family roller coaster.

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Top 25 Amusement Parks in America