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If you have any comments regarding these formatting specifications, please do not hesitate to contact the UBL committees following the directions on the UBL home page.

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UBL Receipt Advice 2. No Transcript About PowerShow. The documented sections of the formatting specifications are oriented in the order of the fields found in the rendered result, approximately in the order of left to right from top to bottom with some differences to accommodate logical groupings.

Documentation conventions The following is an example of the documentation found in a formatting specification for a given field of a form on the rendered output.

Off-the-shelf DocBook stylesheets are then used on the enhanced instance to create the resulting HTML, invoked with only the section.

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XPath addresses are used in XSLT stylesheets but can be used as above just for documentation because they are independent of the technology being used for transformation. The specifications indicate what information goes where in the result, not how it gets there.

The namespace prefixes are arbitrary but follow the documentary conventions used throughout UBL.

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