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We think of the Iliad and the Odyssey as being most strongly attested to Homer.

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What is Odysseus' connection between nhim and birds. I Intriguing.

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Does every man deserve severe punishment? Homer narrated a cultural norm where women were idolized and held great power over men in some ways, but were still found as property in their eyes.

In The Odyssey, Homer foreshadowed how the perception and roles of women would change in the future.

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While away from home, Odysseus encounters some places were hospitability was key while some places hospitability was not as important. Throughout history we notice how male dominance takes place within a society. T See comments for thesis directly above. Also, "kill the suitors" is evidence, not a category for evidence. The gods remind the mortals of their power over them through divine intervention, elevating the statuses of the gods and reinforcing their superiority The character that stood out the most to me is Prince Telemachus because of his ways. The types of strategies and her relative success in using them will be examined in this essay. Take this nice structure beyond observation to analysis The entire book Odysseus longs to see his wife but he is a good man and a courageous leader. It could, however, be evidence for a more analytical statement about appearance. Many of Homers other characters share these traits as well, such as Agamemnon in both poems. His mind is focused on returning to Ithaca and even though he is starving, he does not give in to his hunger. This essay will examine several episodes of hospitality to comment upon the varied functions of cordiality in Homer's society.

For further information on this potential thesis statement for The Odyssey, check out this article. I would need to see your specific examples to be sure. Hunger, whether literal hunger, hunger for power or lust, leads to the downfall of men. He still gives into beauty.

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