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At the Boatwright house, surrounded by the Boatwright sisters, associated with the Daughters of Mary, attended to by Rosaleen and interacting with Zach, Lily at long last becomes a part of a supportive community. For all Lily knows, Tiburon could be a town her mother stopped in for lunch one day and never returned to again. Essay Topic: Literature , Life Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Ray that she is better off there. Ray finally finds Lily, Lily invites him into the house and talks to him in a respectful way. Ray, before he did something truly awful. While living with these fascinating women, both young women blossom into stronger, happier people. As Rosaleen herself notes, Lily's escape plan is, first and foremost, about Lily, and she doesn't initially think far enough beyond herself to let Rosaleen in on her personal reasons for hatching it: Oh. She called T. Well, ain't it nice of you to fill me in. Lying on the cot in the honey house, though, all I could think was August is so intelligent, so cultured, and I was surprised by this.

She knew what she had to do instantly. Ray, but when she found out he did not want her back, she realized had no regrets of leaving T.

Ray, her prejudice view on the people who surround her, and her poor judgement about her mother.

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Ray, her father, about her whereabouts, because he never approved, or believed her. The film has two very contrasting worlds, using grey washed out tones for when she is living with her father and depicting the pink house where she finds her true family in warm, golden shades.

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No spam. Over the course of the novel, Lily matures into a young woman. It didn't have nothing to do with me in jail. Call your Sales Rep for details. Get our insider's email today and become a romantic rebel like us! Join us and subscribe. Ray, was not one of the options.

Lily becomes a mature young adult because she took the first step in becoming an independent, smart young woman by leaving T. Features and Benefits This series brings together the disciplines of sociology and literature in a unique format designed to support cross-curricular studies.

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For these reasons, readers must be conscious of how Lily performs in her own account and of what she chooses to reveal about herself. When people come of age, they follow through with their actions that they think are right for their welfare. With this strength and support behind her, Lily confronts her father, the final sign of how thoroughly she has changed and developed. Ray, she stands up to the world she left behind, the world in which she was a beaten down as an immature girl—and she rejects this world and this old sense of self. Despite the fact that Lily may have noticed her prejudice act, she still continues down the same path without noticing. Her only friend is their housekeeper Rosaleen. August inspires her to be more introspective, Zach inspires her to be more sensitive, and the bees inspire her to be more hardworking. And here you got me worrying myself sick about you running away and getting in trouble over me, and you would've run off anyway. Even though it is evident that she would never go back home with him, she still shows him respect. Ray throughout the course of the novel. Despite the fact that her mother did leave her in the beginning, she still loves her mother, even more now that she knows that she was coming back just for her. She's so lost that she even fantasizes about what it would be like to die so she could see her mother again. The gesture can't compensate him for the hurt and injustice he's experienced, but nonetheless it demonstrates Lily's growing awareness of the motivations and needs of others.

Each volume explores a work of literature through the lens of the major social issue reflected in it, and features carefully-selected content representing a variety of perspectives. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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