The rape of europa

Gardner's Renaissance. Philosophically intriguing are issues of who ultimately owns works of art. Titian's Women New Haven,pp.

The rape of europa

Peter Humfrey. Charles Hope. The Proud Possessors New York, , pp. Alan Chong et al. Since this last phase of recovery and restitution is ongoing, this book has a bearing on current activities. Titian: The Complete Paintings Milan, , pp. Art Exhibition: Mrs. Oskar Fischel. Mary Crawford Volk.

Tiziano e le corti d'Asburgo: Nei documenti degli archivi spagnoli Venice,pp. Arthur Pope. Gardner's first Botticelli" in Colnaghi. Philip Hendy. Catalogue of Exhibited Paintings and Drawings Boston,pp. Infatuated with Europa, Jupiter—king of the gods—transforms himself into a beautiful white bull and joins a herd grazing near the seashore.

The Paintings of Titian, Vol. New York,p.

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The Gardner Collection New York,p. Diana Gisolfi.

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The Rape of Europa (Titian)