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The resignation of Admiral Fisher in forced Asquith to reconstruct the government on a coalition basis and admit the Conservatives. David Lloyd George.

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Thomas, he was shouted down. From August, under Haig's command, the Allied forces chalked up a succession of victories against the Germans which forced an end to the war in November.

He also earned a high reputation by his patient work in settling strikes.

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He suffered a cruel bereavement in November , when his daughter Mair died of appendicitis at the age of Although he preferred running a war cabinet to the more encompassing and unwieldy premiership, when Asquith declined a reduction to nominal prime minister, Lloyd George claimed both jobs in December After his selection as Liberal parliamentary candidate for Caernarfon Boroughs in David Lloyd George had to fight an unexpected by-election in with the death of the sitting Tory member, Edmund Swetenham. In the first coalition ministry , formed in May , Lloyd George was made Minister of Munitions , heading a new department. Lloyd George, undeterred, piloted his measure through Parliament with great skill and determination. This he did in the National Insurance Act of Gilbert, Bentley B.

He recruited efficient civilians to devise strategy and operations, proving to be a shrewd judge of talent. This he did in the National Insurance Act of All rights reserved.

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It was intended as a showcase for his radical and nonconformist views on such subjects as the tithe, disestablishment, the land question, education and temperance. At that time he appeared to be trying to create a separate Welsh national party modelled on Parnell 's Irish Parliamentary Party and worked towards a union of the North and South Wales Liberal Federations.

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The Beginning of David Lloyd George's Political Career