The importance of journeys in homers the odyssey

Back in the hut Eumaeus tells his tale. Telemachus learns how to make decisions and trust the instinct that the gods give to him. It is also quite close to the truth. In this story we have Odysseys himself asking the poet to play the one about the Trojan horse.

COM Odysseus goes into the centre of the city which is not quite like a normal citadel. The folktale world through which he travels in Books 9 to 12 is told indirectly by Odysseus on his journey home to a Phaeacian audience, rather than directly by the poet.

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Penelope is another example of this theme. This shows that Zeus will reward hospitality as long as it does not interfere with the other gods. COM Odysseus shows himself to be extremely skilled.

With tools, Odysseus can fix anything.

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In this post I would like to argue that Homer uses the idea of spiritual growth as one of his underlying themes in the Odyssey, a poem plenty of metaphors and insights about life as a journey.

He tells Eumaeus the story that he thinks Eumaeus wants to hear.

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A Journey through Homer’s Odyssey