Supportive leadership style

These regular interactions with your teammates create a trustworthy atmosphere, where feedback is always on time and welcomed. Most leaders generally adhere to one or two preferred styles of leadership with which they feel comfortable.

Directive leadership style

As we are helping companies to build great teams, we often get caught up in the statistics. No leader, no matter his personality, can fully give up on the supportive style, ignoring all employee concerns and ordering every detail. Combining these steps with the possibilities our weekly reporting tool has to offer, the results will soon follow. Somebody who is under a large amount of stress and has difficulties in the workplace cannot perform in the best possible way and therefore will not be as productive as someone who is relaxed and satisfied with his work. These regular interactions with your teammates create a trustworthy atmosphere, where feedback is always on time and welcomed. For a company with a flat organizational style and employees who need to be creative and manage projects by themselves, supportive leadership can help the company achieve its goals. You encourage employee involvement in decision-making and, more importantly, ensure they know that their views will be — and have been — considered. But together with a help from modern technology and supportive leadership, a great push towards happier teams could be achieved. Businesses started looking not only at the techniques of management but at the different types of leaders found in business and what categories those leaders fell into. It is an all-time low for everybody and evidently it is bad for business and people spirit. Supportive leaders listen carefully to their employees and help them deal with stress and the conflicting personalities of other employees. Understanding Your Business Culture Supportive leadership styles are not conducive to every business environment.

As employees are put under increasing load of stress, the supportive leadership behavior can decrease it. There are several ways to show concern and acceptance.

You have your eye on the future, and you model and communicate your forward-thinking commitment.

Supportive leadership style

There are several ways to use supportive leadership behavior in everyday managerial work and improve relationships between the manager and employees. Although, these are not the only possible options, they are crucial steps towards supportive leadership.

If you are, you lead through vision.

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Definition of Supportive Leadership Style