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Following are the factors responsible for decline in sex-ratio: The main health factor that affects women differently from men is childbearing.

They are willing to kill, rape, and loot members of other communities in order to redeem their pride, to protect their home turf. Discuss with logic and evidence. All communalists do believe in a political identity based on religion. Defend the logic of choice in detail. Which one was NOT true of craft guilds of the simple economy days?

For the individual?

sociology final exam questions and answers

There were many loopholes in the land ceiling act that helped many landowners to escape from having their surplus land taken over by the state. Where and how he differs from his contemporaries? Discuss its significance by giving examples from Pakistani society. Electronic Media: The staggering growth of Doordarshan and private satellite television has been one of the defining developments of contemporary India.

To which of the following linguistic groups do Kols and Munder tribes fall? When is it necessary to shift the base of an index and how is the process carried out?

Explain the population policy in India. Many of the women activists who were also involved in the nationalist movement got involved in the nation building task.

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List of Important Sociology Questions and Answers