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Graduations mark the end of one journey and the beginning of a more important journey—the journey of life.

Click here to register now! Through this new partnership, we will promote a continuous flow of highquality publications to the Journal, and stimulate submission from SIU members around the world. Graduating from the University of Hong Kong, Mr.

Mr Siu started off as a teacher in high schools, teaching in both Band 1 and Band 3 schools.

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank our ever supporting University Board, development and academic partners, and our friends for their continuous support. Here are 4 reasons you should continue to use SIU Academy: 1.

Time Auction works best on modern browsers such as ChromeFirefoxor Internet Explorer 9 and above. Virtual education that is uniquely global: SIU stands by its mission of bringing urologists together.

I also thank the University Council and its Committees, Senate and Senior Management, staff and students for supporting me in transforming and reforming SIU from good to excellent on its way to being one the greatest University in the Horn of Africa, and eventually the continent, yes we can!

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Much is expected of you; I have every confidence that each and every one of you will excel in your chosen paths. First, you can become good ambassadors of the University and be role models in your respective communities and importantly live and promote a sense of high integrity and moral values. New beginnings in life are full of immense possibilities. Requirements All volunteer hours must be completed from 31 August to 31 January Virtual education that is uniquely global: SIU stands by its mission of bringing urologists together. I would challenge you to apply this principle throughout your lives. I would like to highlight a few areas that will be useful as you further your endeavours. Dinner will be held at pm at Desk-one Mong Kok on 9 February

Where he posts short videos or memes in English, these posts serve a variety of purposes, ranging from teaching his audiences how to pronounce certain phrases to discussion of literature.

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