Reaction paper in values and works ethics chapter 3

Fuller, Ursula, and Bob Keim.

Social values and ethics

In addition to distinguishing values as legal, moral, prudential, etc. Likewise, many humanities departments favor solo work in their tenure and promotion policies and may find it difficult to determine how to assign credit for collaborative work Modern Language Association, Report of the MLA Task Force on Evaluating Scholarship for Tenure and Promotion. Koehler, Wallace. Although I wanted to keep the list of values concise, I recognize that others should probably be added, such as sharing public knowledge, curiosity, multidisciplinarity, and balancing theory and practice. In a sense, these values focus more on asserting the importance of scholarly authority and professional identity than on how scholars work and what they do for society. For the digital humanities community, experimentation suggests not only a method of testing ideas and creating knowledge but also its engagement in transforming traditional approaches to teaching and research. Groom, Jim. Oxford: Blackwell,

This set of values signifies what the digital humanities community aspires to achieve, not necessarily what it has fully met. Johnson, Steven.

social work skills and values

Frankel, Mark S. December 21, Although circumstances can give rise to value conflicts, moral values tend to override other sorts of values. Kirschenbaum, Matthew, et al.

In defining core values, the community needs to consider what it is excluding as well as the cultural and ideological contexts surrounding the values it promotes.

American Historical Association.

How important is the code of ethics for the social work profession

American Library Association. Jaschik, Scott. Some argue that the digital humanities community pays lip service to diversity but has not engaged with it on a deeper level. Experimentation The language of experimentation runs throughout the digital humanities, demonstrating its support of risk taking, entrepreneurship, and innovation. These values point to an overarching ethos that promotes innovative scholarship as a public good and believes that it should be practiced openly and collaboratively. It works like the Internet. My intent is not to speak presumptuously for the community and decide on my own what it values but rather to open up the conversation. For the digital humanities, information is not a commodity to be controlled but a social good to be shared and reused.

Riverhead, Whereas the traditional humanities typically value originality, authority, and authorship—an ethos based in part on the scarcity of information and the perceived need for gatekeepers—the Digital Humanities Manifesto instead promotes remixing, openness, and the wisdom of the crowd.

Rather than establishing an agenda in advance, THATCamps encourage participants to write short blog posts before the unconference to describe their session ideas, then charge the participants with defining the schedule during the first session. Of course, these values must operate in a specific context, where they may clash or get complicated.

Openness thus supports related values such as transdisciplinarity, collaboration, and the democratization of knowledge.

Reaction paper in values and works ethics chapter 3

However, the community works toward diversity as a goal. For instance, at the Digital Humanities Conference, a number of papers, posters, and workshop sessions addressed collaboration, whether as a key component of the humanities cyberinfrastructure e. American Council of Learned Societies, Further, it is important to defend expert knowledge and the academic profession. Koehler, Wallace. If the underlying goal is the promotion of public knowledge, why not share? Yet at their core, they share a common aim to advance knowledge, foster innovation, and serve the public. The Digital Humanities Manifesto 2.

What should determine the agenda of a DH center or professional organization?

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(PDF) Practising values in social work