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Michigan is among 36 states with expungement laws. Subscribe to Prisoner Reentry Photo by Bob Mendelsohn via Flickr Under a program called Project Clean Slatehundreds of Michigan residents are trying to expunge their records of criminal convictions, driven by prospects of better jobs, housing needs and getting state certification for vocations that require state licensing.

Michigan residents must wait five years after any criminal offense or contact with law enforcement that results in an infraction before becoming eligible to apply for an expungement. Students will receive training on the criminal justice system, client interviewing techniques, and California criminal law.

The parent must still make future payments. There is a movement among some states toward introducing laws that make expungements automatic for some criminal offenses after 10 years. Displaying information for [ change ] Erasing overdue child support through Project Clean Slate Want free legal help?

Students can expect to meet with anywhere from clients per screening.

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They must then agree to continue making future payments, including past due payments to the other parent. Search Project Clean Slate Project Clean Slate helps people rebuild their lives and gain opportunities after criminal convictions by helping them expunge eligible misdemeanor and felony convictions from their records.

New fingerprinting is required as part of the application. If the paying parent owes past due child support debt to the State of Illinois, Project Clean Slate can help them erase the amounts they owe. Once they make their support payments, the debt owed to the State will be removed.

Additional Reading:. Project Clean Slate will not: Erase or reduce the amount of past due child support payments the paying parent owes to the custodial parent; or Stop or reduce the child support payments that the paying parent may have to make in the future.

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