Observing a teacher essay

Infrequently, I caught a couple gawks during instruction from prying students.

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He left the class before the due time to let me introduce myself in the class. Some of them would get extremely excited when they had the same answer as the board and jump up and down in their seats. Observation Essay I. Repeating them and having them say the words after her are a good way for the students to become familiar with the spelling words.

Then he started his lecture by relating the lesson with practical experiences.

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The teacher always took all of the questions and never told them to put their hands down. She has been teaching second grade for the past three years. She really seems to be passionate about teaching but may appear overly strict with the children. It took a few times of her pushing the students to repeat the words after her until the entire class participated.

There are 26 children in this second grade class.

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Classroom Observation Report