Nazi consolidation of power in 1933 essay

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historians on hitlers consolidation of power

People's Courts - These were set up to give Hitler greater control over the judgements made in courts. After this action, Germans could no longer get rid of Hitler in an election.

Hitler saw the opportunity and started accusing the people who signed the Hitler focused on honouring the state,nationalism and millatarism. Hitler had been made Chancellor, however real power still eluded him.

He went from being a nobody in the streets of Vienna to the supreme leader of one of the most powerful nations on earth.

hitlers consolidation of power

Concordat - Hitler's agreement with the Pope was a temporary truce that allowed Hitler to ban the Catholic Zentrum party without opposition from the Catholic Church. When the courts convicted Dutch Communist van der Lubbe, but did not convict other Communist leaders, Hitler was furious and replaced the courts with the Nazi People's Courts.

Due to the failure of the Weimar Republic, Germany was once again sent into a state of economic instability and discontent, intensified by the Treaty of Versailles and the Wall Street Crash.

how did the enabling act help the nazis gain power
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The Consolidation of Hitler's Power.