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Literature has prompted political and social change in societies and continues to do so to this day. This is a common English saying, meaning that when you love someone, you do not see their faults.

Most of all I find that literature makes the differences more manageable, and highlights the similarities between people. Course structure.

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But with such a broad area of study, prospective students are often confused about what a degree in English Literature actually provides. Literature is both intensely personal as well as a communal experience. Literature is an art full of passion and heart; it transcends the ages. You will also produce a portfolio of three essays on Shakespeare, on topics of your choice; an extended essay or occasionally an examination relating to a special options paper, chosen from a list of around 25 courses; and an 8,word dissertation on a subject of your choice. Literary devices? Submitted work will constitute almost half of the final assessment for most students. Many of his books are bestsellers that have also been made into popular movies — including About a Boy the film. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. This means he has taken two opposite ideas and put them together. Not only is the uncovering of these truths significant in and of itself, but the revelation process also provides a common experience through which the reader can relate to every person who has discovered that same truth before him. At the same time, you will be doing tutorial work on early medieval literature, Victorian literature, and literature from to the present. And it is a good feeling to know a lot about it. Simile A simile compares two things by saying item A is like item B.

It was released in and looked forward to a future where the world is run by dictators and everybody is constantly being monitored.

But what a great fish he is and what he will bring in the market if the flesh is good.

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I read literature because its function, as I define it, is to illuminate some aspect of the human condition. This means he has taken two opposite ideas and put them together. Since it was released, has been seen as a classic — meaning people think it as one of the best books of all time because of its story and the way it deals with difficult themes.

I was taught to both see a work of literature as a way to understand the time it was written, and the people who produced it, and to find the parts of that work that spoke to me in my time and place.

To gather this knowledge and to experience its beauty all pertain to the importance of literature to me.

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The English major showed me how to do that, and not only has it increased my skills as a writer, it has made me a more compassionate and honest person. Literature is the reflecting pool into which every person that ever existed can look and see both his own face and the faces of all his fellow people. This is a lovely simile, which shows the many layers of the human mind. I started to see that, although it still was not science, it was art, and art is the greatest expression of that which is human. What is English Literature at its Very Core? Aside from this, a useful A-level to have is History, which can be a great help when studying historical texts and placing them into a context. I read literature because its function, as I define it, is to illuminate some aspect of the human condition.
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