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Since we are working to establish fully automated production lines, the automated machinery and robots will be required to implement product changes.

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Short Shutter speed 3. The company also improved its corporate financial health through various management reforms across all Canon Group businesses and divisions. However new product will require cost of sale, additional distribution and promotional expenditure, which can create problem for company. The Europe launching can be done in Paris in any upcoming event this year. The process can give you on overview of where the business, and the environment it operates in, is strategically. Any baptized person not prohibited by law can and must be admitted to holy communion. In order to implement this idea, we devote ourselves to build a comprehensive, professional, convenient and diversified service during the pre-sale, sale, after-sale. Scene Detection technology enables DIGIC to identify the type of scene up to 22 scenes based on information such as the presence of people, distance and brightness, and adjusts the brightness and color to the optimal levels for the scene. Its performance and quality has been tested and found more then the previous DSLR from Canon and other companies. TABLE 2. That means that only when salesforce get the orders from clients can they get the commission.

It can take better advantage of the time that people spend on walking. In these segments, by launching differentiated products that only we can provide, we will stimulate the market, grow our sales, and secure additional market share.

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By interacting with customers with everything from replies to likes and retweets, Canon is playing the Twitter game incredibly well.

The majority of Canon sale is usually done by the distributors, e. Tutorial 2 Chapter 1 1. The three primary stages are: Pioneering stage o We use magazines and billboards advertising in this stage to build an awareness of the new digital compact camera, and briefly introduce the diversified chracteristics of our camera.

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Also, in addition to promoting the in-house production of key components and major parts to enhance product differentiation, we are putting in place a regionally optimized global production system that comprehensively considers product quality, transportation, employment practices, and production costs.

So company can easily grab its market share using its brand name and the new features of hybrid DSLR camera. That means that only when salesforce get the orders from clients can they get the commission.

HD features, Canon best DSLR technology and this product is equipped with some new features like GPS, blue tooth transfer and uploads to systems, and can be used with variety of lens, so the product will attract the existing customers and new customers as well.

Strategic Group Map 1.

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Canon Marketing Plan