Marketing creates customer needs essay

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They analyze the potential buyers. In practicing marketing in the target market, marketers also have to consider the four dimension of SIVA.

Shifts in marketing

People used to define that marketing is selling goods which people do not really need. Advertising and marketing are different, but I think without advertising marketing cannot communicate with customers. Create marketing is a customer-oriented, more competitive and technology oriented. So, it is an important thing to consider the place to sell the product or service. Ever since man started to trading goods, marketing was created. Because, we always want to buy more and more. It is all about communication between two parties that profitable for the both sides by exchanging value. The more explanations are on below. The marketers will do everything to make us need their product even with unethical ways. As I said before, communication is important for both of marketer and customer.

Marketers can use internet as a powerful information and sales channel, and they can collect fuller and richer info about markets, customers, and competitors. Mostly, the culture in a country is different from the other countries.

This is can be a important information for the marketers to make their marketing strategy.

needs to be satisfied in marketing

Economic circumstances of people are also determining what do they purchase. Gender is really matter to create needs and wants. The traditional view of marketing is that the firm makes something and then sells it.

Facing the challenges of globalization of markets, the economy of regionalization and transnational business, business operators face a …show more content… This is a competition-oriented marketing approach, which requires companies in marketing activities, must be constantly on the product and other factors that affect the marketing performance of innovation or improvement to be substantial.

marketing merely reflects the needs and wants of consumers

God create human with different types. Marketing also satisfy needs. There is no way a company creates a useless product or service. These catchy phrases normally attract consumers to buy the product. Marketing does both, it creates and as well as satisfies customers needs and wants.

Marketing creates customer needs essay

So, they basically create their need based on the way they are thinking and their own perceptions. Today societal forces have created new marketing behaviors, opportunities, and challenges. Unlike the common people with middle to low status. Keith , p. There is no way a company creates a useless product or service. If marketers followed this information, they can make some people to need a hand phone and maybe it will not be so popular now. In marketing, consumers have our own needs and wants.

Marketing merely reflects the needs and wants of customers.

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Does Marketing Create or Satisfy Needs?