In an essay are television shows underlined

In all honesty, the main area where differences in formatting can create a problem is in academic work.

when to use italics or quotation marks

Do You Italicize Article Titles? Thousands of articles, papers, and publications exist where underlining is used to emphasis text and to indicate book titles and other works. Do You Italicize Song Titles? Names of Vehicles. The title of the publication, or website, where the article is found is written in italics.

Some of the confusion arises due to the fact that different publications, institutions, and schools often use different style guides. Company names are always capitalized.

The series title is italicized; the episode is in quotation marks. Italics and Underlining in English Chris Miller One of the problems when we learn English online is the confusion that surrounds the type of punctuation and formatting used when referring to written works such as books, articles, and poems.

when to use italics in an essay

The same questions also arise when referring to movie, song, and television show titles.

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Using Italics and Underlining