If there was no electricity for a day paragraph writing

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When after about eighteen hours power supply was restored, I realized, how much we depend on this mysterious force of all machines and modern life.

There would not have been as much variety of things as we have today.

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Electricity is a resource that comes with a cost. We light our homes with electricity. It was one of the prime reasons that led to industrialization. The geyser was not working as there was no electricity. Everything in this world is functioning through electricity. The day passes somehow or the other but the night time becomes torturing. However, if you work in an office, it might hit you at some point that there is not much you can do without electricity. Without electricity, the airplanes, trains, mills, factories, etc. Electricity runs trains and she makes them smoke free. It was 7. Now imagine if she goes away for a day or so. People curse the electricity department and many a time it has to face the public wrath. There was no activity in the market too with all the shops closed. The markets of fashion would have been without any hustle and bustle in absence of fascinating items.

The next morning newspaper reported several cases of accidents and incidents of robbery in various parts of our locality. Now imagine if she goes away for a day or so.

All our functions and comforts are entirely dependent on electricity.

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I happened to realize its importance and power when in the month of July we had to go without electricity for a full day. So I ran to the coffee vending machine to have a cup of hot coffee, but realized that without electricity the coffee machine was anything but useful. But seldom do we realize how much we depend on it for the comfort of our daily life.

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