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She required her to wear black polo shirt, black slacks, black shoes, and their name plate. Verona Roof Deck Verona Bar.

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Llanes and Ms. We acknowledge our customer on arrival and say thank you to every customer at least once for choosing Zuni Restaurant and Wine Bar.

Far from being a student, my daily routine has been changed into something unusual for me. The hard pad is used for scrubbing purposes only and the soft pad is used for cleaning painted surfaces, glass mirrors, and porcelain Fig. Information technology I. The hotel should also have their own laundry area to be sure that linens are totally cleaned leaving no stains at all.

Words: - Pages: 3 Ojt Boom This whole OJT experience was a combination of fun, new learnings and new discoveries.

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On this period, she collected all linens used from 8th floor to 19th floor as well as the garbage in every pantry. Oval tray. In a sense basic goodness and soundness can be used to April 29, Dear diary, This day is also the same with the other day. The trainee doing inventory of linens Appendix figure 4. May 19, Dear dairy, I file check vouchers and photocopy a bountiful deed of sale document. These are located at the roof deck of the hotel to provide a more relaxing and nice atmosphere. Sir Joel told them that there are seven status of a room. Tasks Performed The trainee was assigned in the Housekeeping Department. Rubber gloves. The pool area and gym facility is intended for the exclusive use of in-house guests of Privato Hotel. Actually, it was my first time to go there not knowing that after having my orientation about the things that they do in their office, I can already start working.

Rubber gloves Figure Ed Landingin is responsible to ensure that the work is complete to specification and required quality on time and within budget. While training the interns, employers are in fact also teach their employees to guide the trainees by stretching their patience, develop teaching skills and make them more sensitive to the needs and mind set of the younger generation.

It is mentioned that HPWS is a group of HR practices that intended to improve the performance of employee and enterprise by upgrading the quality of employees through training, motivation and opportunity to participate.

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Austria Appendix 6 and 7. A rate of Php 1, Information technology I. Service plate. This whole OJT experience was a combination of fun, new learnings and new discoveries. Assistant manager. Charmaine Saulon primary responsibility is to coordinate the daily housekeeping operations in the department. Engineering staff. The location is convenient to those travelling on business or on pleasure for comfort. It is smaller than the Milano and Firenze ballrooms with a measurement of square meter room and can be occupied up to 30 pax, good for meeting and small parties. April 24, Dear diary, I have a pleasant day today since yesterday I had already finished recording the general ledger accounts and had been double check it. May 20, Dear dairy, Today I experience a new task and that is to cut important stickers. I photocopy the check vouchers of Maam Karla and the tial balance of Maam Sitti. Mika Prasad, and Mr. They are competent enough to deal with different types of guest and difficult situations.

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