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Yet stories of ordinary characters transformed by love permit ordinary readers to join the fantasy. Many romance epics are lengthy because their authors tease out the obstacles preventing lovers from being together. Two characters are separated by a war Nicolas Sparks uses this premise in his novel The Notebook Competing wants: E. Your story may have only one kind of secret or include all three of the following types of secrets: 1 Secrets the couple keeps from society they hide their relationship from friends and family. Pro Tip: learn how to write epic love stories. Or in the case of Romeo and Juliet, their bloody, pointless demise. This is the character who embodies the ideals and attributes opposite of your character. There was a constant you-can-only-write-what-you-have-experienced vibe which I didn't like at all.

Is it a hopeful one? Examine these elements from different points of view and metaphor. If people only wrote about subjects they had actually experienced, literature would be nowhere near as interesting.

In "Pride and Prejudice," Darcy and Elizabeth were unable to see how right they were for each other because of their prejudices.

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Whatever the theme, choose an ending that will work best for the characters and the story. DO give fate a role to play.

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There was a constant you-can-only-write-what-you-have-experienced vibe which I didn't like at all. And, often, the Love story is entwined with a second external genre that is driving most of the action. In The Lucky One, Keith Clayton isn't just Beth's jealous ex-he's also her son's father and an insecure son himself and in the end, he is redeemed by a last act of selfless courage that calls into question assumptions the reader may have made about him. Make the stakes clear. In a marriage story this will likely be off the page spare us the flashback unless absolutely needed to move your story forward. Tilly also made a lot of weird comments about SFF books, she consistently said that they were irrelevant and the only books that mattered were romance stories. He broke her heart in the past. You could, of course, find other sources of tension and mystery. Here are a few of the key tricks I have learned: 1. No couples are perfect!

Ending Payoff In the ending payoff, you ramp down the tension and action with scenes that answer the primary story questions. This is only quite a small thing but here is a quote that really wound me up: "Dad always had these lovely parenting ideas, which lasted until the twins actually got involved and Dad started trying not to swear.

Her family is the worst… can he really get involved with that?

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Some themes, such as tragedies, will have endings that are inevitable. Is it a tragedy?

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The goal is to show their baseline, what they will change or fail to change from by the end and what it is that the inciting incident disrupts. Similarly, avoid simplistic, easy gender stereotypes.

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How to Write a Love Story