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The characters that Homer develops, those that are determined to be good and honorable, are able to display these qualities of precise thought and vigilant action. These words were said by Gilgamesh to highlight the true nature of life showing his fortitude and command due to his personal experience George To normal understanding both the heroes have bravery and divine intervention in common Launderville.

Odysseus was greatly opposed by her wife, mother and other people who really cared about him. Gilgamesh had defiance in him as far as doctrines are concerned having thirst for glory George.

The epic of gilgamesh

Odysseus vs. Odysseus has been observed to take the challenge despite the fact he was aware of all the hardships Louden. By comparing the role of immortal and mortal women in both The Odyssey and The Epic of Gilgamesh, one will be able to discern how the feminine figures have played a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of the epic heroes, as well as, understanding the interrelation amongst the female figures of both ancient epics In order to achieve their mandate of protecting the people, the two heroic figures used intellect and strategic moves. He also constructed fortified walls for his people in and around Uruk. In this paper, I would like to talk to you about the two epics and how they were both alike and different in some ways. Comparing Gilgamesh and Odysseus Essay - Gilgamesh and Odysseus are two heroes from two different time periods that were both in search of the meaning of life. He uses his experiences with each suitor to determine their capability and if they will be a problem. The Odyssey A second example of a lack of patience comes from Gilgamesh in his decision to travel into the Cedar Forest and fight the terrible Humbaba. He too has his ups and downs, but characteristically cares for his people and has a good relationship with his son and virtuous wife George. In the process of challenging the monsters that threatened the people, Gilgamesh and Odysseus were guided by strong moral goals and virtues Ankumah, As part of their heroic character, the gods must guide them in order to reach their goals. They are two great epic heroes, but Odysseus stands out because of his personality, strength, and his successful journey The epics that the two characters are featured in Gilgamesh, was developed from early Mesopotamia and the Odyssey in early Greece.

Odysseus had a hereditary right to the throne and ruled Ithaca that was complimented by his impartiality, ruthlessness and diplomatic skills. He is only strong for what he accomplishes and not how he accomplishes his heroics.

Both societies accepted Odysseus and Gilgamesh as great heroes, and Homer and the author of Gilgamesh were successful in creating such developed characters. Odysseus and Gilgamesh discover their purpose of life through their whimsical adventures.

Intellect is one final similarity between these two heroes.

gilgamesh and odysseus different heroic ideals

Odysseus pulls his men from the island despite their protests. So, although both stories repeat the concepts of self-restraint and discipline as character building qualities, they differ in the way that these attributes build or weaken a personality.

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Odysseus vs. Gilgamesh Essay