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At the same time, they must offer a work environment contusive to how this generation works. It is now compelled to manage its employees according to the legislation enacted by the government at the centre and the states. The Internal Environment According to Kotler and Armstrong the internal environment that affect human resource practitioners comprises of customers, consumers, suppliers, compensation, new entrants and competitors. This model determines how external and internal environments of an organization contribute to an increase in organizational performance. To manage the knowledge workers is a major area of concern for the HR managers. The firm has to compromise by hiring people who are capable of being trained. Without adhering to such regulations a company can be fined extensively which if it was bad enough could cause the company to shut down. People, with high achievement needs, tend to seek high degree of personal responsibility, set realistic goals, take moderate risks and use performance feedback in satisfying their need to achieve. Dynamic organizational environment has resulted into the improvement of delivery processes to increase the ability to manage people. Related Articles:.

Strong work ethics ensure motivated employees and the reverse is true in case of weak work ethics. New entrants These are businesses entering into an industry.

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This can free up a considerable amount of time and resources across the organization. External Factor 3. Small organizations with a lower brand image have to invest their resources in getting qualified people to work for the organization.

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Understanding the surrounding culture helps HRM put in place a culture that blends with its environment. HRM need to examine its environment in order to know what is trending and how changes will impact on their organization. However, the offer should not be too high in such a way that they bring losses to the company. There is no need to spend money advertising each recruitment in such a case, because candidates will visit the company website of their own accord. PESTEL changes are continuously impacting on human resource policies These factors affect the internal operations regardless of the fact that they are outside the organization. The factors influencing HR activities aren't static: To maximize recruitment and retention, and to minimize employee issues, small business managers must continually monitor internal and external environmental factors and adjust HR strategy accordingly. Yet, an effective human resources department can make a real difference to the organization's success. This model determines how external and internal environments of an organization contribute to an increase in organizational performance. HR managers have to understand the relevance of conducting their business in a socially relevant and responsible manner. Increased automation reduces the number of employees in the organisations. Industrial Employment Standing Orders Act, Before cutting jobs in a big way, HR managers have to assess the societal reactions beforehand and come out with proactive steps etc. It is the responsibility of every employee to ensure that their work is of the highest standard.

The Payment of Wages Act, iv. Federal and state legislation typically dictate how long a business must retain personnel records and other employee data, what can be stored, and how.

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Economic Factors 2. External Factor 6.

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External Factors Affecting Human Resources