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Several different mediums can be used, such as pen and paper, white boards, Post-Its What would you do? Start off with your goal in the center, branch out into the major sub-topics, and continue to branch out into as many sub-sub-topics as needed.

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Your partner? For instance, when the first couple of ideas are shared during a session, there is a tendency to only focus on those ideas throughout the rest of the meeting. For example, if your goal is to be an award-winning artist, look at award-winning musicians, educators, game developers, computer makers, businessmen, etc.

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Types of brainstorming

This is part two of the variable brainstorming method. How would you think about this if you were a different gender? Just as with other collaborative meeting techniques, allow everyone to have a say. This is another spinoff of rolestorming. Second, list all the possibilities for that variable. One brainstorming exercise for groups involves using an online mind-mapping tool to answer very specific questions or generate ideas tangential to the main problem. These ideas will be written down on a worksheet more on the worksheet later. It's very important to not evaluate any ideas until everyone has the opportunity to share. Source Forge is a free mind-mapping software you can check out. How would you deal with this if you were in a different time period? Write a list of ideas. This technique prevents groupthink in teams where one or two members hold sway over everyone else. Consider the following examples.

What would you do if you were someone else?

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The Top 5 Brainstorming Techniques You Must Know