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should animals be kept as pets essay

There are clinics that utilize pet therapy for certain patients and many report high rates of success. Pets boost your mood After a long day at work, it is relaxing to find a pet all excited by your side, licking and compelling you to play along when you return home.

Essay on pleasures and difficulties of keeping pets

Because shelters are overpopulated due to recent natural disasters, many pets of disaster victims still need a permanent place to live. There are some concerns with this practice though, generally, the problem is not extreme. There is a huge variety of species available, from tarantulas to munchkin cats, with many ways to obtain them, but not everyone can handle a giant arachnid or endure changing kitty litter I ever have a dog, but I think is new experience and feeling. At the present, Jenny does not complain about her family or indulge herself like some other kids from a single parent family. You grow to truly love your pets as if they were part of your family. Cats are good for keeping the rodents down, but do not usually scare intruders. A dog is like having a full time live in protector. Advertisement rebeccaheiss 2.

For example, some animal such as dog or cat can accompany when you walking. Playing with the pet, especially dog, can increase the brain activity and enhance pleasure and tranquility.

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However, it is possible to commit acts of cruelty and neglect to an animal when in the privacy of a home and this should be monitored more closely. I think that we should find a shelter to help them even though we cannot adopt all of the pets.

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A pet will give you constant sincere unconditional love whether you need it or not. Written by a student in Mrs.

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Top 10 Benefits of Having a Pet in Home