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For instance during the America's civil wars the union had a distinct advantage over the confederacy states due to its engagement in the battle using ships. The United States Marine Corps is a force for greatness, bound to the words liberty and justice, sworn to protect every American soul. While the extra pay is also a motivation for my pursuit, much of it weighs on my patriotism to this nation. Let's now consider how the navy is organized. My love for this nation however, drives me towards pursuing this task. Though it is based in the sea, the navy during times of war has to be keen in all ways. Its merchant ships were frequently attacked by pirates on the seas at their cargo raided and stolen. Due to this it saw there was a need to establish navy. It has homeland security missions and non homeland security missions. The chief of the naval operations is one of the personnel involved in decision making with the president. To achieve this goal I wish to be accepted into Officer Candidate School, where I will later graduate with a commission as an Ensign. Marines have battled on land, in air, and at sea for their country and many brave men and women have lost their lives in the line of fire.

As stated before in this essay, I have an extensive amount of experience within aviation, as that is what I'm studying in college. I've spoken with my recruiter about it, but I'd just like to get some other opinions and hear about others experience regarding what should be touched on for the essay.

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It has the great ability to project force onto the dangerous and most feared regions of the world. These jet fighters and all forms of air craft are faster than ships and more effective in times of unexpected attacks.

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Because he knew the old taboo of things, throwing rocks at people was not accepted. Organization and other techniques and tactics are equipped when ready for an attack. A modernization program of the navy started in ,s under President Theodore Roosevelt.

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I want to become a shining example of what it means to be a great officer: To embody honor, loyalty, respect, duty, and selfless service. Update: Here is what I have so far for my essay. In , two male students in the United States Naval Academy based out of Annapolis sexually assaulted a female student at an off campus social gathering. As Department Head for two Departments, he was responsible for leading two Chief Petty Officers, 22 Sailors encompassing five rates and three mission sets with one Japanese local national It was seen as a foolish undertaking comparing how powerful it was compared to other nations by that time. I believe becoming a naval officer would help me become the leader I was destined to be since birth. I love pushing myself mentally to be the very best I can be. The skills are instilled during training in order to join and also after joining.

A few even tie in with the Navy's core values. Though I am a well versed individual within the aviation community, it would be pointless to myself if I didn't serve a purpose, something a Naval Officer would have. I have great respect for this country, the values that we as citizens stand for, and the military that protects those rights.

Essay officer in the navy

The ones who fly jets, command battleships, and dive submarines; most people can only imagine such careers. When I was growing up, I poured over books, movies, tv shows, and news articles that chronicled the exploits of those that served, and I wanted nothing more than to be exactly like that — stand in the face of danger and still do what needed to be done in order to protect my values, country, and loved ones.

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