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Here are some of the key causes which are known to be the driving factors for obesity. But in more serious cases, meeting a physician is the most appropriate strategy. This condition increases the chances of developing various health problems requiring urgent attention.

A correlation in BMI changes over time has been found among friends, siblings, and spouses. What is a matter of concern is that with growing urbanisation there has been a rapid increase of obese people in India?

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But sometimes, there may also be some indirect causes of obesity. In recent years obesity is the health topic of choice these days because obesity in America is a growing epidemic. This increases the workload of the heart because it must pump more blood through additional blood vessels.

Disapproval of overweight persons expressed by some individuals may progress to bias, discrimination, and even torment. Causes of Obesity Excessive Food Intake and Lack of Exercise One of the leading causes of obesity is the regular consumption of more than the required quantity of food combined with lack of proper physical activity.

Obesity is a major problem which is increasing day by day in children.

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Morton explains how wide-ranging the effects of obesity are. That means obesity can cause havoc in our body by altering the blood pressure to an abnormal range. Obesity Statistics in India: As per a report, India happens to figure as the third country in the world with the most obese people. When the BMI of a person is more than 30, the person is classified as being obese, when the BMI falls between 25 and 30, the person is said to be overweight. The influence of unhealthy food choices are not only becoming greater but also leading to other sicknesses. Exercise: Just like the diet, there are several workout plans for obesity which are available. Conclusion: Obesity can lead to sudden death, heart attack, diabetes and may unwanted illnesses. Sedentary lifestyle See also: Sedentary lifestyle and Exercise trends A sedentary lifestyle plays a significant role in obesity. By changing our way of living, we can surely take control of our health. There is no medical data to support the fact that people suffering from obesity eat very little but gain a lot of weight because of slower metabolism.

Higher pressure on the artery walls increases the blood pressure. In other words, it would be possible to eliminate the condition of obesity from our lives completely by leading a healthy lifestyle.

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Here are a few recommended articles for you to read next:. It is true that the use of computers and television is increasing children. The diet and physical activity patterns should be regular and realizable to avoid strains that could result in complications. Scientists believe there is a link between high consumption of fructose and obesity and metabolic syndrome. Squeeze in at least half an hour each day to exercise. Adolescents and children that are raised in circumstances of economic disadvantages, tend to get less healthy nutrients and most likely will not get the appropriate exercise that will benefit their physical development. Eating the whole fruits is a more preferable way in comparison to gulping the fruit juices. Conclusion: Obesity can lead to sudden death, heart attack, diabetes and may unwanted illnesses. Researchers reviewed evidence for over 28, children and 15, adults in the United Kingdom from to First is what and what not to eat. Other healthier options are mushrooms, pumpkin, beetroots, and sweet potatoes, etc. Obesity can cause resistance to insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar. Essay on Obesity — Long Essay for Medical Students Essay 8 — Words Obesity is a chronic health condition in which the body fat reaches abnormal level. However, obesity ratio varies from country to country.

Obesity is the biggest threat to humanity in the United State of America and something has to be done weatherwise our future generation is at stake. S government did or neglected to do within the past thirty or so years.

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