Essay about rising prices

Essay about rising prices

Related Interests. High prices also adversely affect the exports of the country and distort the balance of foreign trade. Secondly, the mounting governmental administrative expenditure should be drastically curtailed as it is mostly wasteful and nondevelopment expenditure. Eighthly, majority of Indians have no community consciousness. In our country, we can see how fast our population is rising and how much more the people need in terms of food, fruit, clothes, Shoes, soap and other articles of daily use. There is nobody to enforce the law and evaluate the prices at which things are sold. Public should co-operate with the government. The price rise is a world phenomenon today and inflation is affecting every section rich and poor of society. Production of agricultural goods should be increased along with industrial goods. But the trouble starts when the income of the people does not match with rising prices. They are the manufacturers and the traders or in other words, the business community.

The fixed-income groups like salaried people, wage-earners and pensioners are the most helpless victims of inflation. It affects consumption and savings.

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Proper monitoring and regulatory control can help in reducing inflation. It belittles the efforts done by the bread earners to meet the growing needs of their families.

Numerous factors can be cited to explain price rise in India First, our economic planning has suffered from serious drawback, right from the beginning.

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They have large families to maintain and it becomes difficult to feed so many mouths with the value of the rupee falling constantly. Apart from accelerating growth and imposing curbs on money supply, we need an effective distribution system. Related Interests. Our first duty should be to check the birth rate. The increasing demand from the middle class in developing countries is one reason. The mall culture has given rise to construction of big shopping complexes. Since , Australia's inflation rate has accelerated due to rising oil prices, strong world and This essay is about inflation in canada words - 4 pages automatic wage hikes as the price level goes up. The government should take drastic steps against hoarding and black marketing. The number of hungry people continued to rise to 1. In an underdeveloped country like ours, this adds to the inflationary pressure for number of reasons. The government is often forced to print more currency notes and increase the supply and circulation of money in society. In other words, the production has not risen as fast as the increase in population. As prices rise, their real income gets eroded. Inflation is a menace in the poor or underdeveloped or developing countries. But if prices keep rising persistently, they cause great hardship to the people.

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Most of the people have not sufficient means to buy the necessities of life. The annual target of four per cent growth by the agriculture and allied sector has been falling short by about 40 per cent during the entire Tenth Five-Year Plan and the initial period of 11th Five-Year Plan Surely India does not lac' talent which can find the answers of these problem. Prices of all things have been rising very rapidly. There is dearth of cheap accommodation and many people live in slums. Anti-social elements like hoarders and black marketers never miss an opportunity to cash the situation. Education becomes more common and people begin reading more newspapers, magazines, and books. They do so because there is no check and balance. In a developing economy, prices usually display an upward trend. As mentioned before a free market allocation of resources will lead to a rise in the food price to make sure that who can't afford it does not get it, leading to starvation and eventually decrease in population technically bringing a solution to the Explain How The Price Mechanism Brings About The Equilibrium Price And Also How And Why The Government Would Intervene In The Market Place words - 4 pages taken from the consumers. The government must take over the trade of important food grains such as wheat, rice and sugar. There is nobody to enforce the law and evaluate the prices at which things are sold. In the contet of the situation as it has developed in India, we have heard it repeatedly many times that the rise in prices witnessed in the country is in part due to the impact of global inflation. It is only when such increase becomes abnormal and persistent that politicians and economists feel obliged to sit up and ta'e notice.

This is exactly precisely the inflation that we are witnessing today. Our government is quite conscious of the magnitude and implications of the problem. In short, the prices of all the agricultural products have gone up more than twice.

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In absence of any restriction the monopoly of businessmen is going on.

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Essay on The Problem of Price Rise