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Birthday party essay for class 10

After that I walked home which was only two doors away. Well if you were wondering who James is, well he is this perfect girl fantasy, that every girl dreams of. I always have a big birthday bash and it wouldn't be possible if not because of my grandmother who is standing on my left side and my aunts,too. I went to my locker so everyone would find me there and give me their presents, but no one came. I was kind of upset but I cheered myself up. Last year I celebrated my birthday the way I wanted to do it. They not only make a party memorable, but also serve as ice breakers for those shy kids who might not know the others in the room. Presents at birthdays were neither pentiful nor anything close to the latest, new toy or game that you would see on TV. This time they are more sophisticated than the old snap shot ones for just your passport pictures. My son requested for his birthday party theme to be about dinosaurs. It was the best day of my life as I got ready for school, as I ate my breakfast, and as I entered the school ready for everyone to wish me a happy birthday and give me my presents.

I was given so many presents, all wrapped beautifully. This means she is hiding something from me. A time, date and location in daily life. She spent the whole day in the kitchen by cooking for all my friends.

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They were all waiting for me. But as I went to my other classes, I got even more and more depressed. It was the second day of school, and three more days to go until my birthday. For my seventh birthday, I had decided to have my whole class attend.

essay on my birthday party for class 7

I get mad at everybody because it is one of my favorite dolls and I've looked everywhere and it's still missing.

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Birthday Party Essay