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Technology today has made life easier and quicker but dangerous.

importance of technology in our daily life

Welch, Hinnant, and Moon express the concern about the one way dissemination of information by E-Governments, instead of encouraging the dialog with the public.

In this same period of time, shopping used to involve planning a trip to a brick and motor store and hope they had the product you were looking for, and at the price you wanted to pay.

Whereas traditionally artists used a pencil or brush to make beautiful works of art, artists in the early twenty-first century are now using sound, video or computer generated images.

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It takes just a few hours to travel nowadays, so this lead to people travel more. Scientific knowledge can only help us in the long run and even perhaps save us from catastrophes that may occur naturally in the world.

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Latest technology has some disadvantages as well, but with slight care and precautions from the day 1, you can move smoothly without any hassle. Technological advancement has also given way to thermal, radioactive and light pollution. Let us have a look at some of the technological advancements that have taken place in the Industry: The first one being the mobile technology. However people are taking advantage of it. Technology is beneficial in our lives. Summers used to be as hot a few years ago too but people did without this air cooling device but now it has become an addiction. Technology is applied Modern Technology: a Friend or a Foe? Scientists conduct research and experiment with different things to come up with newer ideas. Negative Repercussions of Technology This addiction towards technology is destroying us physically as well as mentally. Sambrano, M. This quote resonates with how different society has become over the past 25 years.

The things we use everyday including the gas stove, refrigerator, bike, laptop, phone, air conditioner, car, lamps and internet connection have all been sourced by technology.

So it is with modern technology. What kind of life do we have right now?

essay on technology today

The Relationship between Science and Technology While science and technology are interdependent, these are two completely distinct fields of study.

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Modern Information Technology Impacts Our Everyday Lives Essay