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But Satterfield says there are certain situations where direct mail is particularly effective: 1. It seems like there are new online security threats with each passing month.

Write two advantages of email over conventional mail

When you want to reach high-level decision makers. With e-mail you keep having to check to see if you got any and it can really take up a lot of time. When you're tying a promotion to a holiday or event. To say that Email is superior because it is newer and faster is to miss a huge part of the question. Fast — The most obvious benefit of Email is its speed. Cheap — A single email costs almost nothing to send, so in terms of the transfer of information, email is much less expensive. When it sends people to your website. In addition, nowadays people are very busy to memorize the address of all of their acquaintance, e-mail solves this too, you can save all of those confusing addresses in your account without any effort, for snail mail this option is not present. Email marketing to this demographic never works, Satterfield says. More personal — A recent post from Forbes argues the point well, but handwritten snail-mail is generally a more personal, intimate means of communication.

Without the person on the other end of the phone its easy to just write down what you would normally say and either bold the important words or put them in caps.

There are significant discrepancies between snail mail and e-mail along with some common points.

what is email

On the other hand if you send someone an email you are allowed near limitless text to pass on the same message. The last and most important difference is that using snail mail we actually use up our natural resources like paper and ink, yet e-mail is a tool the encourages sustainability because you neither use resources nor throw it away after using it.

Before telephones the only way to communicate with each other was to write letters. Sign up to subscribe to email alerts and you'll never miss a post.

Opt-in email lists are very effective for marketing, so the combination of the direct mail piece and the website were very effective, Satterfield says.

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