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My pig simply failed to show up for a meal.

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This was slapstick—the sort of dramatic treatment which instantly appealed to my old dachshund, Fred, who joined the vigil, held the bag, and, when all was over, presided at the interment.

Both artists ask that every word tell.

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Here, among alders and young hackmatacks, at the foot of the apple tree, Howard had dug a beautiful hole, five feet long, three feet wide, three feet deep. I could see that he felt uncomfortable and uncertain.

Everything about this last scene seemed overwritten—the dismal sky, the shabby woods, the imminence of rain, the worm legendary bedfellow of the deadthe apple conventional garnish of a pig. The rear seat of his car contained an astonishing amount of paraphernalia, which he soon overhauled, selecting a chain, a syringe, a bottle of oil, a rubber tube, and some other things I couldn't identify.

He stood his ground, sucking slightly at the residue of oil; a few drops leaked out of his lips while his wicked eyes, shaded by their coy little lashes, turned on me in disgust and hatred.

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The grave in the woods is unmarked, but Fred can direct the mourner to it unerringly and with immense good will, and I know he and I shall often revisit it, singly and together, in seasons of reflection and despair, on flagless memorial days of our own choosing. I visited the pig before breakfast and tried to tempt him with a little milk in his trough. White was the resident essayist for years at the New Yorker, and I had read a piece or two of his during college and graduate writing programs, and found them—as I expected from the editor of the Elements of Style—to be refined and distinct, even if I believed they were too patricianly contented for my taste. Rather they seemed blemishes of internal origin. He is, in fact, a civilized human being--an order of man that has always been distinguished for its rarity. White as the author of books for children, and though it has been nearly two decades since I read Charlotte's Web, I remember vividly the story and the prematurely Like the majority of American liberal artists, I know E. After examining my pig, who was stretched out in the sawdust inside the building, I went to the phone and cranked it four times. You needn't worry too much about the spots. The pigs I have raised have lived in a faded building which once was an icehouse. Then I addressed the vet again. His verse is original and witty but with serious undertones.

I picked up the rope, made it fast to Fred's collar he is a notorious ghouland we all three filed back up the path to the house, Fred bringing up the rear and holding back every inch of the way, feigning unusual stiffness. It said Puretest.

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He had a girl with him. The thicket in which I found the gravediggers at work was dark and warm, the sky overcast. I also knew E. I went back up to the house and to bed, and cried internally—deep hemorrhagic intears. White received the Gold Medal for Essays and Criticism from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the following citation, here quoted in part, accompanied the award: 'If we are remembered as a civilized era, I think it will be partly because of E. If the pig has erysipelas I guess I have it, too, by this time, because we've been very close lately. The pigs I have raised have lived in a faded building which once was an icehouse. I noticed, as I stood there, four or five small dark spots on his back near the tail end, reddish brown in color, each about the size of a housefly. The awakening had been violent and I minded it all the more because I knew that what could be true of my pig could be true also of the rest of my tidy world. He said there might be something unhealthy about that sawdust, that he never thought well of sawdust. They did not look troublesome but at the same time they did not look like mere surface bruises or chafe marks. When my son and I arrived at the pigyard, armed with a small bottle of castor oil and a length of clothesline, the pig had emerged from his house and was standing in the middle of his yard, listlessly. Once, near the last, while I was attending him I saw him try to make a bed for himself but he lacked the strength, and when he set his snout into the dust he was unable to plow even the little furrow he needed to lie down in. The historians of the future will decide that a writer of such grace and control could not have been produced by a generation wholly lacking in such qualities, and we will shine by reflection in his gentle light.
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Death of a Pig, an Essay by E. B. White