Difference between justice and injustice

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And, if he was not the founder of this secular religion, he clearly became its most effective evangelist. Now let us quickly see how Plato applies this theory of justice to a particular social issue, before briefly considering the theory critically.

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Martin Luther King Jr. That is what social action is, people coming together with an idea and acting as one whole group, breaking through the silence once and for all. What is not unjust, is just in civil society.

He maintains that natural law gives us the right to own private property. This was to have a profound and ongoing influence on Christian ethics.

Difference between justice and injustice

According to the Biblesuch institutions as the Mosaic Law were created by God to require the Israelites to live by and apply His standards of justice.

But, also, Augustine should have an advantage over the ancient Greeks in arriving at a theory of justice based on universal equality on account of the Christian doctrine not to mention because of the influences of Cicero, the Stoics, and Plotinus that all humans are equally children of God.

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Justice and Injustice in Law and Legal Theory