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Ability to listen, synthesize and articulate the interests, issues and ideas that emerge from all sources and help others do the same Our approach is practical, focused, interactive, and high-energy.

We work with individuals with varying comfort levels with digital information. We establish and maintain an environment where the participants can explore rather than debate issues. We highlight the difference in outcomes when one listens for agreement, as opposed to listening for disagreement.

We are adept at synthesizing large amounts of information into user-friendly discussion tools.

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In fact, we meaningfully engage. We strongly believe this improves collegiality and the likelihood of an ultimate consensus. User workspaces are constructed according to their function, which eliminates the need to navigate deep, undefined directory hierarchies.

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Engineers work the way they think about design rather than where various files are located on the network or file system. One major differentiator between us and our colleagues is our active mediation practice, which gives us the experience to break impasses. We are always available to stakeholders and sponsors.

We are especially experienced in dealing with time pressured, polarized dynamics that require creative, practical solutions. We use our mediation skills and techniques when working with stakeholders and the general public.

It allows designers to logically organize project, design and library information by data type, such as RTL, foundry libraries, reusable IP, firmware, software, external IP, physical EDA specific data, and IC assembly. We have a unique blend of substantive experience and collaborative skills to help facilitate productive outcomes.

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