Definition for satanism

He practiced it religiously.

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But, being anti-Satanic, most religionists interpret Satanism through the lens of their own mythological prejudices. He advocated police state politics.

Theistic satanism

Aside from an active Twitter feed, whereon the Church of Satan posts catchy memes and commentary upon popular culture references to Satan, the Church of Satan is otherwise inactive as an organization, arguing that as individualists, it is upon the individual merits and achievements of their membership that their collective reputation should be measured. All forms of Satanism claim that life exists to consume and that selfishness is a virtue. Satanists say they follow left-hand paths , life ways which unlike Wicca and Christianity are focused on self-determination and the power of the self, rather than submitting to a superior force. Satanism applies the principles that define the very nature of Devils: the rejection of external gods, the embrace of carnality, and a stance of honest individualism. It encourages people to seek their own truths, indulge in desires without fear of societal taboos, and perfect the self. Making clear that we would never seek exclusive placement of our displays of religious expression on public grounds, we do however act as upholders of pluralism where religious displays have been allowed, reminding officials in the United States of their First Amendment responsibility to viewpoint neutrality by offering Satanic displays of our own. A meritocracy will replace the practice of such injustices as affirmative action and other programs designed to punish the able and reward the undeserving. With such glaring differences, why is it that we often find former Church of Satan members joining The Satanic Temple, and sometimes find current Church of Satan members openly applauding our actions?

First, the altruism hierarchy is logically self-negating. Romans 1 gives a clear look into the heart and motives of a Satanist. LaVey created the "Satanic Bible," which remains the most readily available text on the Satanic religion.

In the ensuing Reformation and Counter-Reformationboth Catholics and Protestants accused each other of deliberately being in league with Satan.

Definition for satanism

Practitioners embrace the seeking of knowledge, delving into the darkness of mystery, and coming out better for it. Boulton ed. The Age of American Unreason.

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A Satanist on why everything you think you know about his religion is wrong