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It is offered for target market that can lead the customer with quality conscious. UK experienced a continuous progress in financial restructuring and development in financial risk management. However, in recent years, the United Kingdom has seen a rapid upsurge in interest in premium coffee. Strategic Planning The present market position of Costa Coffee according to the General Electric Matrix shows that company should adopt intensive growth strategy. However, the increase of price lead some negetive impacts on costa coffee's sales. The producers could get high profits from fair trade, because fair trade is the trade bypass the coffee traders Coffee research,n. However, it has shown signs of rapid growth and it is being estimated that there will be more than a million consumers that will be encouraged within the year. Retrieved 29 Oct The organisations objective of beco ing nu ber one coffee chain in the world is taken into the account and arketing research has been carried out to achieve arketing the objective. Mission statement Mission is to serve the unique and best taste of coffee in true Italian style. Company is operating business globally but all over the world its presence is located in few countries. This has beco e the trade ark for the organisation. The brand name of Costa Coffee shows the luxury, excellence and flawless all over the world.

The political and legal business environment has tremendous impact performance of business in order to achieve long term goals. Technological: Due to the introduction of latest technology cheaper and better coffee machines are available in the market for home usage such as Senseo.

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Technological Trends It is a common knowledge that the coffee brewing industry in the Untied Kingdom is still a relatively new industry and is still in its early stages of development.

The availability of products is also impact on the repute and sale of coffee. To distinguish the level of coffee beans also make advantages for fair trade.

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It is offered for target market that can lead the customer with quality conscious. The implementation of the Free Trade Area, or FTA, which laid out a comprehensive program of regional tariff reduction, will be continuously implemented in phases through the year Competitive Rivalry: The overall Coffee market is mature.

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Costa parent group Whitbread said comparable sales at its espresso chain in the UK rose by 6. Costa coffee aimed to increase the effciency of retailers' slaes, they add mechines in the shops. Wit and Mayer, There are several competitors with little differentiation such as Costa, Nero etc.

Cost reduction has been one of the effective wa's during the econo ic crisis to retain the aintain the revenue generated b' the organisation.

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This report involves task strategies reasons growth Costa Coffee PESTLE