Comparing bad animals and miss julie

The dog imagery in the play is also used to demonstrate the difference in social classes. His work falls into two major literary movements, Naturalism and Expressionism.

symbolism in miss julie

Jean looks down on Miss Julie for being surprisingly easy to obtain. Standing over the stove all day has made her subservient and dull; like an animal her hypocrisy is unconscious and she overflows with morality and religion, which serve as cloaks and scapegoats for her sins whereas a stronger character would have no need of them because he could bear his guilt himself or explain it away.

john speaks of being in love with miss julie since:

I have done this because it seems to me that what most interests people today is the psychological process; our inquiring minds are no longer satisfied with simply seeing something happen, we want to know how it happened.

For that reason the dialogue also wanders, providing itself in the opening scenes with material that is later reworked, taken up, repeated, expanded, and developed, like the theme in a musical composition.

Strindberg also demands that the naturalist playwright strive toward a new conception of character. A highly sensitive spectator may still not feel that such pity is enough, while the man with faith in the future will probably insist on some positive proposals to remedy the evil, some kind of programme, in other words.

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Miss Julie by August Strindberg