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Entering data by schedule is designed for open enrollment. Once you enter this election information into the system, you can have the system validate the elections without leaving the data entry component.

In addition, the court appointed guardian must obtain a specific court order authorizing them to change the beneficiary designation.

The Academic Enter dependent or beneficiary data. On the following page, you will find the date when the coverage for each plan is projected to start, the dates when each of the beneficiaries will receive a special ID card, and the validated forms they should independently submit to their insurance service providers.

The parent or the student must visit the school and will read and understand the policies of the school. Enroll All Click to enroll all available dependents or beneficiaries in a particular plan type. Use of the Internet Explorer browser is advised. To access SOES, sign into www. This includes: Active duty members Reserve and Guard members assigned to a unit and scheduled to drill 12 times or more per year SGLI members with part-time coverage will continue to use the paper SGLV to make coverage and beneficiary changes. School of Choice offers parents a wide variety of schooling options for their children. Parent or student will decide which subject and how many subjects they are going to enroll. No, beneficiaries will need to contact the Casualty Office to make a claim. Proof Received: If this check box is available for selection, you can select it to indicate to the system that any required proof of insurability has been received from the employee. Ready to begin? Plan-specific detail information appears for Health. Since these two companies have merged, keeping information under one roof has never been easier.

They will also be invited to sign in for different policies, which will all be shown to you in understandable, breakdown charts. XPlan cross benefit plan : The employee must also make an election of this controlling benefit plan.

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If a Servicemember is deployed and wants to make changes to beneficiaries or coverage through SOES, can someone do it on their behalf? Servicemembers cannot use SOES to apply for this coverage. Instead, one easy import can do that for you! Validate Elections Validates all plans and options for correct and sufficient entry.

Then they will received their OR Official Receipt.

benefits of online registration

When applying for VGLI, separating Servicemembers are asked to name a beneficiary and can update that beneficiary at any time once the coverage is in effect.

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SGLI Online Enrollment System (SOES)