An analysis of the candyman a horror movie

Candyman killed her by slitting her throat with his hook and made it look like a suicide.

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In the meantime, the Candyman goes about killing all those associated with Caroline starting with artist named Miguel Velasco, her lover, and following with her roommate Tamara in his usual gory ways with his hook and making it appear to the authorities that Caroline is the one responsible for the killings.

We cry out again and again, only to be dismissed by our friends, or the operator, or strangers on the shore. He also kidnaps her friends: David de la Paz and Michael Robinson and makes it appear to the authorities that Caroline is the one responsible for the killings.

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Helen warns Bernadette not to come in for fear of her life, but Bernadette enters anyway and is immediately killed and slaughtered by the Candyman. That Robitaille is a victim of unchallenged racism is evident in the lynching scene.

To be whispered about at street corners.

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The nightmare surroundings of Cabrini Green that Helen enters are very real and, in a nice touch, are the inverse of her own — her swank apartment block is a tarted up housing project and it is, Rose seems to be proposing, people like her who are responsible for the existence of Candyman. However, Detective Matthews, who followed him there, fatally shoots him. He, like his father, is killed but not by the Candyman. The victims, too, serve a purpose in reiterating the importance of honoring personal and group history. Our crimes told and retold by our faithful believers," he announces. Bernard Rose, British director of the underestimated, visually startling Paperhouse , transferred the action to Chicago, not only making the story more Yank-friendly, but actually improving it the squalor of the housing projects outstrips anything even Toxteth has to offer , as well as bolstering the movie with a fascinating social and racial subtext. Rose is a director who likes stories about supernatural invasions of real life. Candyman is available on DVD:. Trevor arrives home and after it appears that Helen has murdered Bernadette and their daughter is missing like baby Anthony, Helen is sedated and is placed in a psychiatric hospital pending trial.

However Caroline, changes her mind and destroys the painting of him that Claire made and was the cause of his resurrection with a hook, causing the Candyman to burst into flames, killing him for good.

He seeks to allure her by promising immortality in becoming part of the legend.

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‘Candyman’: Why This Racially Charged Horror Film Is Scarier Than Ever