Advantages and disadvantages of present education system

disadvantages of modern education in points

For the primary education, the government has also taken a few steps. If you want to become an engineer then it is really not that difficult to get an admission in a reputed college certified by AICTE.

Reform in Syllabus The syllabus must be upgraded but not made too complicated. Zero Sports!

Advantages of modern education system in points

Here are a few points that explain the advantages of the co-education system. Conclusion In short, India is a progressing country and the present scenario of Indian education has improved a lot from the past. For this, the government has made elementary education for the children in the age range years compulsory and free of cost. It causes frustration in him. The problem lies in the large percentage of illiteracy and population. The present statistics is 7. Because of such activities student often look forward to schooling. Majority of the country is increased to greater extend. It expands our knowledge of various subjects and technologies. Approximately, two third of the population is being crossed by the primary education. Some of them quit right after completing primary education, a lot after secondary education and remaining quit while they are still pursuing their graduation. The teacher is harsh on him every day. Vast outlook: This the main advantage of education.

The worst part about this is that these negative factors are prospering under our noses and nobody is taking any serious action against them. One of the best positive things is that the child labor has gone down to a great extent.

The purpose of these schemes is to prepare students for the higher education.

5 disadvantages of education

Some solutions that can be brought about are decline in fees, shorter holidays, regular tests, and more focus on extra-curricular activities as well. Scheme of Apprenticeship Training 3.

present education system advantages disadvantages in hindi

He reports, quite often, that he has headache or fatigue.

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Education System in India; Govt's role, advantages, disadvantages