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You never worked in your life. After he makes bail but before he is deported, he returns to Eddie's house and fights with him, turning Eddie's own knife on its owner and killing him. Conflict Throughout this play there is a lot of conflict be it verbal, physical or psychological.

Hard to control and show his emotions. Like Catherine, Beatrice is not a very well-developed character in the play.

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Jealous that Catherine likes Roldopho and possibly not himself? He just thinks he is looking out for her.

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This foreshadows what happens later. Before Marco and Rodolpho arrive he seems pleased to be able to help them. Has a fatal flaw — Yes.

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Read an in-depth analysis of Eddie Carbone. Mike A longshoreman and friend of Eddie until Eddie snitches on the cousins. He just scoffs when Beatrice points this out to him. Beatrice has raised Catherine from the time she was very young and acts Catherine's mother. When Marco, Rodolpho's brother, insults his name, he provokes a fight and is stabbed by Marco with his own knife. She loves her uncle but is only barely starting to grasp how his treatment of her and the childlike, guileless way she acts around him may be inappropriate. He harbors a secret lust for his niece Catherine which causes his eventually destruction. He then begins to refer to all aspects of Rodolpho, such as his ability to sing, sew and cook, which Eddie thinks shows that he must be gay. Short tempered. No — no, you gonna finish school. What more, Eddie has a short temper which Alfieri is almost juggling with in this conversation. Analysis Eddie is unfair to Beatrice when he says this. Bare in mind him being drunk released his true feelings towards each person.

Marco is a hard working Italian man who is a powerful, sympathetic leader. He and his wife, Beatrice, have no children of their own, and this is possibly a cause of tension between them. This emphasises his desperation to keep Catherine and Rodolpho apart.

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