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Think Big activities help students develop 21st Century Skills. To receive more information about Big English, register here Name. Lesson Flow feature helps teachers plan more easily and get the most out of all course components, providing a seamless link between print and digital components of the course.

For those of you who are familiar with the first edition here are just some of the exciting new changes you can expect. New Starter Units: Also find new content, including welcome units that are designed to bridge any gaps between the levels.

For teachers who recognize the importance of ongoing assessment, and who want to involve their students in the learning process. Big English! It consists of 52 videos that use content from different news outlets, to match the themes of the Student Book Content Connections pages.

New digital tools for teachers and students New front-of-class Digital Teacher Presentation Tool to help teachers plan more easily and get the most out of all course components.

New Student online portal to extend learning beyond the classroom, enabling students to complete homework and monitor progress. Who is it for?

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Extra-clear design: Big English has a fresh new look with a simplified design which helps learners to focus on content and the activities. Dream Big! Best suited to classes with anywhere between 4 and 8 hours of English each week, Big English is perfect for teachers looking for a well-balanced approach that includes ready-made CLIL lessons and a focus on the 21st Century skills development.

Big English provides the very best of technology without the headaches, giving teachers the freedom and time to focus on what they do best, teach!

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The assessment pack includes Cambridge Young Learner assessment type activities, plus pre-tests, practice tests, unit tests, final exams and materials for oral assessment. The groundbreaking lesson plans, infused with Assessment for Learning techniques, help teachers pinpoint areas where students require extra practice and encourage students to become independent, effective learners. Dream Big! These activities are flexible and they can be carried out in class or set as homework. Dream Big! Whether you teach in the public sector, a private school or a language centre, Big English could be just what you are looking for. They bring proven expertise to teachers all over the world and their knowledge and understanding of primary education is apparent throughout the levels.
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Big English: What is it?